Ohio River, Tanners Creek, Indiana   5-10-99


Ohio River, Cincinnati, Ohio 5-31-99


    6.6# Channel Cat                            16.8# Flathead (Lynn's)

20# Flathead (Lynn's)                  15.8# Flathead

31 # Flathead (Stephanie's)

Ohio River, New Richmond, Ohio 7-11-99

Larry's long 25# Flatty pulled from an old Dam structure, Flatheads sure do like concrete structures.


Ohio River, Tanners Creek, Indiana   8-26-99

35# Flathead


22# Flathead


22# Flathead

All of these Flatheads were caught out of one hole on the Ohio River on 8-26-99, in 55 feet of water, on live bait. It was cold 52 degrees air temp. with a bunch of wind on the river but we had current and the fish were hungry. This is just only one time since May that I have had current on the river, these cats were stuck tight to concrete cover on the river bottom, Frank VanWinkle and I were fishing together and we pulled a total of 9 Flatheads off of this structure. I got lucky or was holding my mouth right these were the big ones and they ended up on the end of my poles.

Larry's 22# Flathead taken below the Meldahal Dam this summer.

    Opie's 15# Channel Cat one of the largest Channels we saw caught in 1999, he caught this at one of the tournaments and was inched out of big fish honors by a couple of 16# Flatheads.

Ohio River, Tanners Creek, Indiana   9-12-99

35# Flathead, this Flathead was born with only one eye, and he took a 2 inch whole dead Shad, I have caught this same fish 3 years in a row.