2006 Catfish pictures

Our son-in law Chuck with his first Ohio River Channel Cat 8#      Our grandson Michael with his first Ohio River Flathead 2#

                  Our Grandson Marcus with his first Ohio river Channel cats both were 4#

Greg Adkins and Bink Fox 48# Flathead Ohio River 8-12-06                    Rob Benningfield, Mike Runner 65.5# BlueCat Henderson, Ky

Our Granddaughter Star with her first Ohio River catfish a 10# Channel Cat

Our Grandson Josh with his first catfish of 2006,

he put it on Dad and Grandpa catching 7 channels to our 0 on CJ Brown


                    These are fish that Larry and Josh caught during an Ohio Hills tournament in 2006

Fishing solo and starting out the New Year my buddy James Noles with his personal best 86# Bluecat from the Ohio River. Man what a hog way to go James.   

23# Flathead  Duracats tournament        23# Albino BlueCat Mount Vernon, In.

Lynn's 35# Blue, DuraCats Championships Leavenworth, Indiana

33# BlueCat Mount Vernon, In.