Team Lange's rod holders

When we bought our boat we didn't want to have the rod holder bar across the back of the boat so I bought Attwood flush mounted rod holders, here is what our set-up looks like:

After about 5 years of hard use and big fish racking the rod holders I noticed cracks just above the base sections of the Attwoods

We had won some Driftmasters rod holders at our tournaments and I really liked them better than the Attwoods, so I did some modifications to the Attwoods that has made a great use for the Driftmasters.

I unbolted the unit right where the bolt passes through, then milled off the piece flush with the base, took a drill bit and drilled out the base so that I could tap out the 1/2 x 13 coarse thread, and then just turned the Driftmasters down into the modified base.

We can adjust the Driftmasters by just lifting and turning in the ratchet style base. We don't use more than 5 rods at a time generally we use only 4 rods while fishing tournaments.

Now when we are done fishing we just grab the Driftmasters lift and turn it 180 degrees and it is released from the base, the threads are deep into the base so there is better than 2 inches below the Attwood base that is in the gunnel and rear portions of our boat..........Doc