From The Depths



Ohio River, Tanners Creek, Indiana  

200028.5.jpg (15284 bytes)                                      2000blue.jpg (21409 bytes)

                  First Flathead of 2000  28.6 Lbs                                   Larry's 8 lb Bluecat



2000blue1.jpg (18035 bytes)      2000bluecat.jpg (7281 bytes)      2000channel.jpg (13097 bytes) 

        My 8lb Bluecat                    My 8lb Bluecat posing        8lb Channel Cat




      2000channel1.jpg (23418 bytes)       2000channel2.jpg (30141 bytes)       2000flat1.jpg (32396 bytes)

        Larry with a 6 lb Channel             Larry with another 6 lber.            Larry with a 8 lb. Flathead

Flathead37lb51900B.jpg (37618 bytes)

    Here is a great Internet friend of mine  Bill Zeigelmeyer

with a 37# Flathead caught on the Ohio River.       


bill1.jpg (17649 bytes)            bill2.jpg (14908 bytes)


bill3.jpg (58330 bytes)

Here is some more pics of Bill and his brother Ken with some nice Flatheads caught during the daylight hours.

lange1.jpg (22957 bytes) lange8.jpg (39633 bytes)

                              9 # Channel                                            18# Flathead

lange3.jpg (22757 bytes) lange4.jpg (45758 bytes)

            11# Channel that Lynn caught         22# Flat that I caught with my son


lange2.jpg (23561 bytes)

                                            11# Channel, keep the picture tight, don't give away the hole!!!


lange6.jpg (48918 bytes)

                     My pride and Joy a 16# Albino Blue cat, the end of his tail  and his fins was the only Blue coloring to this Cat.

lange5.jpg (65542 bytes)

                                      Larry had to net another Flathead, for me 20 #

lange7.jpg (46491 bytes)

A fine 23# Flathead with a full belly of Shad


striper2000.jpg (46900 bytes)

My State record Hybrid Striper 17# 10 ounces, lasted only one week then somebody broke it, and a week later somebody broke it again. It may have been this same fish as we practice CPR. Catch, Photograph and release.